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During the school year, the VPI Club has weekly meetings every Friday at 7pm in Torgersen Hall 1020. The club meets only when the university is in session, and does not have formal meetings in the summer or winter. Outside of meetings, the club hangs out, plans cave trips, and causes riffraff on the platforms listed below.


@vpi.caveclub for trip pics, updates, and the occasional meme.

Signal Chat

Invite Link for planning trainings and trips, and getting to know folk.

Email List

…Yes, people still use those! Especially within the wider caving community. To request to join, click this Invite Link. Your request should be accepted in 24-48 hours. Meetings are announced on the list-serv, and it is also a great way to communicate with club alumni as well as the wider caving world.

Discord Server

The club is currently working on moving from Signal to Discord, listen out for any updates or announcements.

GobblerFest and GobblerFair

The club has a booth at both the GobblerFest and GobblerFair events, each respectively held in September and January each year. Come say hi!