To advance from the training program as a prospective member to a member with full perks, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. This may seem excessive, but all of these rules were carefully picked to ensure the safety our members. In fact, with due time, anyone can finish these requirements no-stress. They are not designed to be hard, but they are designed to require competency.

  1. Read and understand the constitution and bylaws of The VPI Cave Club.
  2. Remain a prospective member for at least 10 weeks during which time they must spend at least 40 hours underground on at least 6 club trips.
  3. Demonstrate elementary climbing skills.
  4. Show a working knowledge of belay methods.
  5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of rappelling and climbing in a cave.
  6. Be able to tie a seat with webbing.
  7. Demonstrate how to rig and pad a rope correctly.
  8. Be able to switch from ascending to descending and vice versa on their preferred climbing and rappelling devices.
  9. Write an article for The Tech Troglodyte that meets the editor’s standards
  10. Be able to tie and explain the appropriate uses of certain knots.
  11. Pass a comprehensive general quiz.
  12. Be endorsed by an active member in good standing.
  13. Be approved by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.

Prospective Member Resources

These resources are required for prospective members in the path to becoming a member. Please keep the skills requirement sheet and trip sheet with you on all cave trips so that members can sign off on the trip. The prospective member guide will have most of the required information for attaining membership.