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It is common for groups to request assistance from our club to help lead caving trips. Most common is from Boy/Girl Scout Troops, outdoor adventure groups, youth groups, school groups, etc. These are led on a volunteer basis; if a member of our club is available, these trips can be organized.
Please realize that we are a small club and most of our members are students (either undergraduate or graduate). We get requests from groups from all over Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and even further. We can’t take everyone caving, so please understand if we are unable to help lead your group caving trip.
If your group is not from around the Blacksburg area (Montgomery County, VA), you might have better luck contacting another caving grotto closer to your home. There may not be one, but you can check on the NSS website under NSS Organizations/Grottos (listed by state). See the list below for more caving groups/info.

Organizing Group Trips

First, please email our club president and explain:

  • When you want to go caving
  • How many people will be on the trip
  • The caving experience of the group
  • The age range of the group
  • What equipment your group CAN bring (mainly helmets and headlamps)

The president will then try to find someone from our club who is qualified and able to lead your trip. Because our members are limited, we can only take so many groups caving. We can only accommodate one group per weekend (depending on size), and usually only one weekend per month. So planning early will help ensure you “reserve” a weekend to cave with us.
Boy Scout Troops must follow the BSA rules on caving.  The NSS and BSA requirements concerning cave conservation and landowner relations are found in the brochure Caveing: A Policy Statement and Guidelines on Caving Prepared by the Youth Groups Liaison Committee of the National Speleological Society and the Boy Scouts of America. More information is available on the NSS Youth Group web site.

Other Caving Organizations (in the VA/DC area)

DCG – DC Grotto (DC Area)
JRG – James River Grotto (Lynchburg, VA)
MSUG – JMU Grotto (Harrisonburg, VA)
NRVG – New River Valley Grotto (Radford, VA)
PSC – Potomac Speleological Club (DC Area)
RASS – Richmond Area Speleological Society (Richmond, VA)
WVACS – West Virginia Associates for Cave Studies
BCCS – Butler Cave Conservation Society