So you Wanna Go Caving

Elvis Grotto #1. Photo by Steve WellsThe best way to get on a trip with us is to attend one of our meetings. We meet at 7:00pm in Smyth 146 (how to find it) on the Virginia Tech campus every Friday night during the regular semesters. Here’s where we share stories about previous trips and plan for upcoming trips. Most weekends there will be at least one (but often several) trips for beginners.
The trip leader will tell you what to bring, what to wear, and where to meet for the trip. On your first few trips we will provide you with a helmet and a helmet-mounted light.
Elvis Grotto #1. Photo by Steve Wells.Our beginner trips usually set out Saturday or Sunday morning from Smythe 146. Although beginner trips usually spend only a few hours underground, plan to be gone most of the afternoon; if everyone’s having a great time, you might as well stay underground longer. If the trip leader is planning a trip which is particularly short or long, you’ll know in advance.

Can’t Attend a Meeting?

Please contact the club’s vice president. The vice president will make sure you know about scheduled trips and how you can join the fun.

Scouts/Youth Groups

We do occasionally take scouts, outdoor groups, and youth groups caving. Please visit our Group Trips information page.