1. Read and understand The Constitution and By-Laws of The VPI Cave Club.
  2. Remain a prospective member for at least 10 weeks during which time he/she/it must spend at least 40 hours underground on at least 6 club trips.
  3. Demonstrate elementary climbing skills.
  4. Show a working knowledge of belay methods, including a cable ladder belay.
  5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of rappelling and prusik (with knots) in a cave.
  6. Be able to tie a seat with webbing to the vice president’s satisfaction.
  7. Demonstrate how to rig and pad a rope correctly.
  8. Be able to change-over from ascending to descending and from descending to ascending using the same gear he/she/it uses when caving.
  9. Write a trip report for “The Tech Troglodyte” that is acceptable to the editor.
  10. Be able to tie and explain the appropriate uses of certain knots.
  11. Pass a comprehensive general quiz.
  12. Be endorsed by an active member in good standing.
  13. Be approved by a two thirds vote of the active membership.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s all stuff you learn as you cave with us. Come to a meeting, join the listserve, or email the vice president/trip coordinator at vp@vpicaveclub.org. You’ll learn this stuff in no time! The first step to becoming a member is to pay your dues and receive a copy of the “The Tech Troglodyte New Member Issue” which includes your membership Sign-off and Hours sheets. As you complete each requirement, get a member to sign it off.
Need another Sign-off (PDF) or Hours (PDF) sheet?