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When you first start caving with us, you are considered a prospective member. In order to become a full member, you must be a student, faculty, or staff member at Virginia Tech and meet certain requirements for membership. Associate membership is extended to those who fulfill the membership requirements but are not affiliated with Tech. Full or associate membership is granted when the club feels you are responsible underground, can lead trips, and can be trusted with the club’s gear.
Anyone interested in caving can ask to be a prospective member of the VPI Cave Club. Dues are $10 per semester or $20 per year. We ask that you pay dues once you’ve caved with us a few times and decide to pursue your membership with us. The dues entitle you receive the “Tech Troglodyte New Member Issue” which will start you in the training program. Dues also allow you to use club gear, buy from the club store, and receive the “Tech Troglodyte” semesterly issues.

Read the current 2018 Trainee Trog to learn something new.

Why become a member of our club? There are many reasons, but the top three are to

1) Allow you to run for a cave club office

2) Allow you to use club gear on your own trips

3) Allow you to lead trips with the blessing of the club

There’s also the great sense of accomplishment, the feeling of belonging to the caving community at large, and the reputation for competence our club name carries to other grottos.